The Cederberg Wolfberg Arch is a beautiful place that is not so easy to get to. It is quite a trek and when you are carrying cameras and tripods it becomes a bit more difficult. All worth it though!

Our trek started off badly. It was a very hot day and we left far too late. We were met with disbelief when we told people coming down the mountain where we were going as it was starting to get on in the day and our going was very slow as Nikki started having dizzy spells. The plan was to sleep under the Wolfberg Arch so we did not have to come back until tomorrow. We were still scrambling through the Wolfberg Cracks(wrong one it turns out) when the sun was already starting to dip and we had no idea how much further still to go.

Only once we had cleared the Wolfberg Cracks did we see the Wolfberg Arch in the distance, far away, it looked tiny. With a panic we hastened on (Nikki having recovered by now). Every step from then on was a race against time and often along the way I thought we had no chance and would have to bed down where we were. It would be impossible to navigate by headlamp as the route was marked by little stone cairns often quite far apart.

Needless to say we made it with seconds to spare. Exhausted, thirsty (water was another worry), we were delighted to find ample soft sand around the arch perfect to sleep on. Nikki fell asleep almost immediately and never surfaced again until sunrise. I tried my best to do some Astrophotography (which is why we really came here) but alas it never worked out and I never got the pic I wanted. Next time for sure!

The sunrise was beautiful to the extreme. To sit there under the Wolfberg Arch and watch and feel the sun come up was a lifetime thing. Next time we are leaving much earlier!

Wolfberg Arch

Sunrise at Wolfberg Arch

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