I did this corporate shoot in Brackenfell for a company by the name of Frameless Glass that manufactures and installs frameless sliding and stacking glass doors. It is a busy company that employs 70 people and has a driven and focused team. It was a pleasure to take some awesome early morning photos of the staff and various teams.

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As a commercial photographer in South Africa I get to travel around the country quite a lot although I am based in the beautiful city of Cape Town. The sheer diversity of the country and it’s people always presents photographic opportunities. From the heaviness of Hilbrow to the openness of the Karoo plains South Africa is a country full of beauty. The eleven official languages alone tells the story of the different people that inhabit the land.

But it is also a country of extremes. It’s past history is still reflected in society. Poverty is widespread and work opportunities are few. The promise of a new era is still denied to the masses whilst the politically connected reap all the benefits. But it is also a country of hope, of understanding and of learning, and most of all yearning for a better future.

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