I was so privileged and delighted to go overseas for the first time in September. We traveled to many places but Paris was special. I love the city and its people and the way everything happens. I could live there…if I could just learn some French!

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This last December saw me doing a lot of travel photography in South Africa as Nikki and I traversed the country from the far Northern Cape down to the Eastern Cape. We went to Queenstown and Grahamstown, two places that neither of us had  been to before. Our stopover for two nights was in the Hogsback where we camped for two nights including New Year’s eve. The campsite was wonderful and covered in grass and trees.

We then travelled all the way down into the Eastern Cape as far as Port Elizabeth (what a big place) and then to a very busy Plettenberg Bay where we stayed over for a night and swam in the warm sea early in the morning.

On the way back we stopped at Buffels Bay and the Herolds Bay where we swam in the warm sea with strong side currents again. Ernie Els’s house overlooks the beach and he could clearly be seen walking around and in the street. Cool dude!

Then it was home.

Happy New Year BTW.


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