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I have been a professional Cape Town Commercial Photographer for a number of years now.

I was once in engineering but that seems like a long time ago (10 years to be precise). I started out on my photography career by jumping into the deep end and shooting lots of wonderful weddings all over South Africa. I have also shot plenty of sports events (multi disciplines) from school level to national, some days shooting thousands of pics in the hope of selling a few.

I have started doing more commercial / corporate photography and that is where I am today.

Having shot so many weddings, it is natural that I love photographing people. Corporate photography as well as event photography are things I do. Corporate portraits is another. I have a mobile lighting setup that will achieve a studio look anywhere.

Coming from an engineering background I love industrial and architectural photography as well. Product photography is another area I specialize and I love using lighting and setting up the product.

I love the outdoors most of all though so landscape and travel photography are also areas I focus on as well. My latest craze is landscape astrophotography and I hope to take some really awesome photos in the future.

Cape Town Photographer

Drop me a line at john@johnrodger.co.za or contact me on 082 783 5578 and let me know how I can assist you.





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