About Diasec mounting.

Diasec is a registered trademark for a process of face mounting photographs to acrylic sheets. The process mounts the print without bubbles or smears.

Because of the different properties of acrylic to glass the light defracton of acrylic shows colours more brilliantly and the image is sharper.


The back of the print is in turn then mounted to a Dibond sheet made from composite aluminium and plastic. The result is a 100% flat and eyecatching display resistant to bowing.

Framing is not necessary as the hanging mechanism is attached directly to the Dibond board. The hanging frame has an offset of 25mm which floats the artwork off the wall.


The adhesive substance used in the manufacturing process has a UV resistant filter and is resistant to fungicidal and bacterial pollutants and this sturdy structure has a guaranteed lifespan of 30 years from the licensed manufacturers.

The structure is flexible so temperature variations and other such factors will cause no damage.


photo courtesy orms


Please note any size is possible.

Ordering and Photography

Once you have decided on a size (remember any size is possible) the next obvious thing is what photograph to use.

If you have a high definition photograph that will work just fine.

If you require new photographs then please contact me for my reasonable rates.

All you need to do is to find the right place to hang this beautiful visual creation, ……or maybe you know that already!

Email me john@johnrodger.co.za with your thoughts, or quickly fill in the form below.



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