I recently had the privilege of doing a commercial shoot at Century City for a company called SMSPortal. 

They offer an International Bulk SMS Service and occupy a whole impressively decorated floor at the West Office Tower with 360 deg views of Cape Town.

It was also the occasion for them to celebrate their 450 millionth sms.

Their offices are complete with a play room where the staff can relax and even build complex Lego objects.

The shoot consisted of creating a new company photo portfolio as their photos were out of date.

Cape Town Photographer

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I had the pleasure of doing a Corporate Shoot at Century City for a German company by the name of Stiegelmeyer who manufacture hospital beds and other hospital care products. The beds are sophisticated units with all sorts of remote controls and functions. As always I love doing this kind of work and seeing new things and meeting new people is what makes it such a pleasure.

Their offices are at The Estuaries which is a lovely office park complete with outdoor coffee shop/restaurant in a really tranquil setting.

A nice bunch of people!

Technical stuff.

I used an umbrella to shoot through in most of these shots assisted by a standalone Nikon SB 900. A 910 was used to shoot through the umbrella and both flashes were triggered by the onboard flash on my nikon D700 using the controls on the camera to set the flashes.


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