I recently read in a local newspaper that this coming Saturday the famous Shackelton at Ysterplaat Air Force base was going to start up and run it’s engines. As it was just down the road and I had nothing on that Saturday morning I decided to attend with camera in hand. There was a big turnout, obviously lots of old air force dudes, but lots of enthusiasts even foreign. It was a wonderful experience and to hear those engines revving at full steam like that was something extraordinary. Sadly the old girl has not taken to the air in a few years but could be made airworthy again I am sure. It was the last flying Avro Shackelton  1722 Mk111 up until then. Anyway a thoroughly entertaining morning that included a walk through the plane as well as a visit to their aircraft museum.

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Cape Columbine Aerial Photography.

This last Sunday I was fortunate enough to fly with a mate of mine up the West Coast in his two-seater aircraft. We flew over Cape Columbine lighthouse and landed at his sister’s house at the mouth of the Oliphants River. It was a rare and wonderful experience to follow the whole coast line so low and closely.

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